Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's up at school?

I finally checked the class page and there were so many photos! So here is what little man has been doing at school..having lots of fun! I admit that I put him in whatever I pull out of the drawer for school :) But he is a boy and boys don't care ..so on to the fun!

Making some type of art with his hands...
We have these at home and we love to stack!
One of the kids in his class had birthday cupcakes, and I'm guessing they were pretty good?!
Oh dear, is he ready for a baby brother or sister?
What a good little helper!
He colors and paints with his right and left hand...I'm not sure what he will use?!

such a little goofball
Still loves the book area, that's one of the first things he does when I drop him off in the mornings.
See all that sand under the playground, I think by the end of the year they might need to replenish, because Jackson brings home two shoes full every day! ha

ha ha ha Mimi got all the kids in the class these Christmas glasses and I was laughing so hard at this picture of all the kids wearing them!
Mimi also baked these cookies and all of the kids were chowing down! yum yum! Maybe Aunt Stacy could make some cookies for Easter?? There are 8 kids in the class + 2 teachers , 10 easy cookies?! Maybe?
Puzzles are easy peasy for Jack!

I love how they sit, listen and do school learning activities as a group, too cute! Such big boys!

Homemade play dough from one of the other moms, the kids love it!

So there you have it, looks like so much fun! Can I go too?


Jane said...

Wow, they do a lot with them!!! It looks like a great school. Love his eyes in the pick that he is eating the cupcake. So cute!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! I teach pre-k so I totally know how much work it is! I had my husband mail your package...I'm sorry you haven't received it yet! :( I will ask him about it and I know you will love it when you get it! :)

cMe said...

Hmm, looks like he knows JUST what to do with that baby!!