Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playdate in the Park

 This morning we met one of my dear friends Elizabeth and her two adorable kiddos at Huffington Park. We love this park because its the perfect spot for new walkers and toddlers. So it was fun for Annie & Jack, as well as sweet baby Blake.

                                                   I love Annies "cheeeeeese" face here

                                                   Wheeeee so much fun!     
 We are trying to learn how to share these days, but we are still having times where it just doesn't work....
                                        but then sometimes it does! Sharing his snack with Annie...

                  .....well you didn't think Blake was going to be left out of this did you? I think not!

Thanks Annie & Blake for meeting us at the park and for allowing a little fun social time for the mommys!

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