Saturday, February 12, 2011

Craigslist find

Last night I was looking on craiglist at antiques when I came across an ad that was too good to be true. I thought surely it was already taken, but I decided to email anyways. I could just imagine some really cute family pictures with the wagon! This morning when I woke up I had a text saying that I was 1 of 5 interested in this beautiful old wagon for $25. I texted back and told him we will take it and meet you now. In the car we went, and 30 mins later it was ours! I love it sooooo much! The seller said he has had since he was a little boy, so while it might not be a true antique, its old and I love it.

 Jack... well not so much, he didn't really know what to think of the ride, but in time I think Ill be pulling him around soon!

 So for now Lovie will just enjoy the ride :)



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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Seriously awesome find! I applaud you.