Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's up at school

We could not have picked a better school, every time we look at the class photo page we just smile!  Jacks class of six boys plus his 2 wonderful teachers are providing such a wonderful environment. Not to mention that the school has our class furnished with the latest educational toys from Lakeshore Learning, in fact I spot a few that Santa might have gotten for Jack already! Check out the most recent pictures I found of our little guy.

Fun on the playground

 Picasso hard at work
 Feeding the babies, Jack might need to lift the bottle so that baby can breath! ha
 Dancing to the beat of HIS drum!
 Hanging out with Oliver and Arjun
 Picasso has no boundaries
 His favorite corner of class
 Making his turkey for the school luncheon

 Going down the slide all by himself!

 Mommy at Jack's Thanksgiving luncheon

 I spot something that is under our tree!

Our December Christmas program is coming up on Dec 15th, we can't wait to see what Jack's little class has in store for us :)



The Harris Family said...

Wow, in that pic with the drum Jack looks exactly like Kevin!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

It's gotta be rough being so busy and so cute all at the same time!!