Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Mamas little pumpkin is soooo cute! Today is Oct 1st and I couldn't WAIT to get this sweet little outfit on him this morning! I'm a bargain shopper for smocked clothing.... I have learned to go right after the season ends to buy for the next year. So this precious pumpkin romper has been in Jack's closest for a while and I guessed right, it fits perfect. Score!

We live inside the loop and because we live so close to the freeways there are often helicopters flying to report traffic or accidents. Jackson has taken a liking to them and knows exactly the sound they make. As soon as he hears the sound he starts looking up in the sky to find them. He usually finds them on his own and points right to it!
Can you find the helicopter? It amazes me that baby boy is able to find them and he watches them until they pass out of sight.

...and once they are out of sight it is back to boy things like playing in the street and finding leaves!

Such a cute little pumpkin!
Speaking of pumpkin, I'm baking mini pies right now for a special friends shower tomorrow. I think its safe to post a few sneak pictures of my house because I'm sure she is sound asleep! Jackson will be going with Daddy bright and early in the morning to Gma Strehlows for some fun!



the clark family. said...

Jack looks so cute!!

I cannot wait to see more from your party tomorrow, it looks amazing!! I'm not surprised, of course, but I love to see what you come up with.

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a handsome little man

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

OMGosh! Your house looks amazing!! Will you throw my next party??

You seriously need to start a business, Jess.

I love how you bought the right size! Especially since Jack's such a big boy!! It fits perfect and he looks like those little boys out of those old nursery rhyme books. I love it. So adorable!

Jane said...

Jackson is adorable, your house looks amazing and you are incredibly talented!!!! WOW! How do you do those glitter letters? I see them in your house (via the blog) a lot...and I love them!