Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On Monday we took Jackson to the zoo for the first time and we really enjoyed our time together! We saw lions and tigers and bears....oh my!!

The goat was checking out the rocks with Jack!

We poked at the piggy!

Yup Gopher Jack popped up in the middle tunnel! :)
Jack wanted to go meet Mr. Bear, too bad we wouldn't let him!

Jack was roaring like a lion here, so smart!

He loved checking out all the animals!
So what animal was our favorite...? This little guy! He wanted Jacks watermelon :)
We can't wait to go back once it gets a little cooler!


the clark family. said...

Oh I'm so glad Jack had fun his first time to the zoo. I agree, though. We'll go back when it's cooler. At least you had a good weekend for it!

Jane said...

Looks like a great (HOT) time! Love that little sweat head!!! Is that "over the knee" on your nails?? :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Sweet little lion! Love that finger poking at the pig, so funny! Those gopher holes are awesome!