Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ready for bed

I think we are all ready for bed a little early tonight! We had a fun day today but at points during the day it was a little stressful. Jack is starting to develop his own opinions and personality. Folks... I'm a tad scared! He is already tossing around throwing fits when he doesn't get his way...YIKES! You shall see this in the last picture... but before we get there enjoy the fun from today.

We got up for the morning and put on some big boy clothes, because we were venturing to the dog park. Thanks to Mr. Norton for this rough and tough camo shirt! We love it and here is to wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
Once we got dressed we packed up and off to the dog park we went. Buckley of course went straight for the water while Chico was busy meeting a new friend that looked just like him!

Jack was loving checking out all the dogs.Once we got the dogs cleaned up we headed home for a much needed nap!
While Jack took a nap I slipped out for a baby shower and once I returned we had a little afternoon fun in the den with a toy that we got for Christmas. He finally has interest in the dragon and all the balls that go with it.

Chico joined us in the den and loved on Jack for a little while, so sweet!!

It was time to wind down for the night, so we went to read a book. He was happy at first and actually was busy playing with his diaper, but then started having a fit for no reason! He was tossing his hands all over the place (that's why they are blurry in the picture). We stopped the book early and gave him his bottle and off he went to sleep. Not sure why he had a fit other than maybe he was just ready to go to bed. And with that... so are we! Night Night.


Jane said...

Aww, he is so precious! Looks like a fun day. I can't believe how big he is...can't wait to get my hands on him!!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

So many cute pictures! Love the crying one and that trike shirt is adorable! Christian had that dragon toy, too. He loved it! Such a cute shot of Kevin reading to Jack. LOL, if you're scared now, just wait... ...this is only the beginning of the tantrums! Hahahaa!

What an awesome dog park - swimming, too!

Becca said...

Aw he's cute even when he's mad! But I totally know what you mean, we've got attitude issues here as well!