Sunday, February 14, 2010


We went to Galveston this weekend and has sooooo much fun! Jack had a wonderful time and like I always say...he was such a good baby!! He adapted to his pack-n-play and rolled with all the activities we did. Just a pure delight! We had friends join us and Kevs sister even came down for a night! We love having this place just down the road! It's such a nice timeshare, I love how it's decorated too :) We can't wait to go back in the summer!

We usually get this room when we come down, this bed is so pretty! However we got the master bedroom since the folks didn't come down this time.

Since we came after work, we fed Jack and then put the little guy to bed, he fell asleep after about 30 minutes of tossing and turning. He knew this wasn't his bed, but he still slept like a champ!The big kids then pulled out the margarita machine and played Pictionary! This was supposed to be Born Again... ha ha ha probably not an image that will make it to the blog baby book, but funny nonetheless. After a rested night we all got up and were ready to go to the Strand and check out the Mardi Gras activities. Galveston is soooo tame for Mardi Gras. It actually is a great place for the kids to have fun in the afternoon. It was chilly in the morning but ended up warming up to a beautiful day!
On the way to the Strand we got stopped at a light as a parade came through. So we just got out of the car to watch it go buy. This was my favorite, Cajun music on the go!
We finally made it to the Strand to meet up with everyone else. Jack fell asleep pretty fast, I couldn't believe he took a nap through all those kids screaming for beads! Isn't his little beach backpack the cutest?? It came in handy to carry all his stuff around!
The costumes were really fun!
Loved this mini float! Too funny! George is a member of the Knights of Momus Krewe they had a prime spot to people watch!
George & ChristinaBrian & Katie Jack finally woke up and was so interested in all the beads!
Daddy put Jack in the baby bjorn and snagged a few beads... "Beads for da' baby"
Oh thank you Daddy!!
After all that fun we came home and took Jack straight to the bath! I can only imagine how many germs were on those beads! Yuck! But he had sooo much fun, so I let him play with them knowing we were coming home to scrub-a-dub-dub!!
We all took naps and then our friends went back down there for the late night crew. We met up with Uncle Joe & Aunt Stacy for a delish seafood dinner!

After dinner we went back to the timeshare to have some hot coco with homemade cinnamon marshmallows that Aunt Stacy made! A nice way to end a wonderful day!
We woke up this morning and got our gear on to head down to the beach... Jack is such a ham!!Love this picture!! He was checking out the ocean!
Sweet boy!
Brrrr ...cold water!!
He was fascinated with the string on his swim trunks..ha ha
Oh look at that face!! He tried to eat the sand, of course!
Today was Valentines Day, so before we headed home we took a few pictures in our red outfits! We even got a rose from the timeshare staff. So sweet! He is the love of our lives!

I don't see how people with kids live without an SUV, look at all that stuff that little guy requires for a weekend!
Thanks everyone for coming down and thanks Gran for allowing us to stay at your place!
The Strehlows


Becca said...

Wow this looks like sooo much fun! Happy belated Valentine's Day to your beautiful family!

Averill said...

Looks like y'all had a blast. I'm so sorry Dave and I missed out!