Monday, February 22, 2010

I've Missed You!

I was gone for the weekend hosting my bestie Trisha's bridal shower.
It turned out to be my best party yet! Loved it!

But aside from that fun I missed my little guy sooooo much and Kev too!I swear even when I am away for only two days Jack grows!!

He was diggin' in his toy bin trying to find what he wanted to play with...
Of course he didn't find anything in HIS bin, he had to find something in the DOG BIN!!! He is all about playing with anything other than the toys we have purchased for him. He loves this soccer ball, which is Buckley's toy. Poor Buckley can't play with his toys but Jack loves to play with his.

He is going to be a basketball player and a soccer player?? Ok sounds good to me!
Hope everyone has a great productive week!


Becca said...

Wow looks like an amazing shower! You should go into party planning if you haven't already!! And adorable pics of Jackson in the soccer outfit...too cute! :)

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Hey Jess!
OMG--I loved my Whale theme and yes, it was a classy southern party!!
I would love to tell you and help you it was super cute--not braggin but it really was. Anyway, just returning your message I will e-mail you pics and details later!
Oh, and I am gonna follow your blog!