Thursday, February 25, 2010


Whooooooooo is 8 months today???oh wait
I am!!!!!!!! That's right our little stinker is 8 months old today and we are on our 200th post today! Come on ya'll kick your feet up and let's celebrate!!

Has it really been 8 months since we were in the hospital? We can not believe how fast this month has gone! We are already going to be in March! Whew! I know why moms start planning those 1st birthdays ahead of time, because it will be here before I know it!!
I tried to get the best pictures I could, but as they get older sitting in front of a flashing camera isnt that exciting....

....and they for sure let you know when they are tired of it!! Poor baby!!
And just "one more picture" ...ohhh toes look at my toes mommy!

Leaving you with a smile from the birthday boy of the month club!

What he is doing:

  • Our big boy is about 21 pounds, not sure on the height but by all the other kids in his Gymboree class he is the tallest!
  • 6 oz of formula when he wakes up
  • 9 am eats his breakfast - which is one jar of fruit - stage 2
  • 11 am goes down for almost 2 hours! wahoo!! We usually give him a small bottle before his nap
  • He wakes up and then eats lunch which these days consists of fresh steamed veggies. He looooooves carrots and green beans. So I buy the raw veggies and we use our steamer to prepare a few. He also eats 1/2 jar of veggies at this time too.
  • His bottle intake has been less and less so I say he probably is moved to every 4 hours with sometimes not taking a full bottle during those times
  • 4:00 pm goes down for his 2nd nap which can last up to two hours but usually is just an hour
  • 6 pm has his dinner - which is one jar of a stage 2 or 3 food
  • Drinks water out of a sippie cup and now holds it himself. He sometimes drops it but he really has the hang of it and knows what he is doing
  • He transfers his snacks (such as Cheerios) from his highchair tray to his mouth with a 70% success rate!
  • He has moved his bed time to about 7: 30 pm but some nights still goes down at 7 pm.
  • He usually wakes up around 7: 30 am and I let him play in his crib until 8 am.
  • Still only has two teeth and we brush them every night! He likes it :)
  • Went to Galveston for the first time and had a blast!
  • He is still trying to crawl, He is starting to push backwards now - so we are for sure getting closer!
  • He finally is sitting up and I think still rather prefer to be on the ground but he plays with his toys sitting up! :)
  • Has found the dog toy bin and thinks they are his toys so we really have to watch him ALL the time, or he will be chewing on the dog bone, ew!!
  • Loves to give hugs, we will tell him give a hug and he puts his head to your head. He doesn't have the arms around you yet but he knows to put his head to yours. Its the cutest thing!
  • He loves to look at his "friend" aka himself in the mirror and tries to eat him. ha ha pretty entertaining!
  • Has started to notice really tiny things on his toys
  • We finally gave up the swing, he was pulling the over head toys down where it would make a clunk clunk clunk noise on the motor. So we decided no more swing!
  • Learned we have to get surgery in April for his breathing issues but he will be a strong little boy!
  • .......but I think my all time favorite thing he has been doing is when he runs his fingers through my hair when I feed him ....I just melt!

He is a thriving BUSY boy! Every day he learns something new and brings us so much joy and laughter. Happy 8 months baby boy! We love you!

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

8 months already!? What the heck!?

Happy 8 months, Jack!