Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rice cereal...take 1

We are back from Hawaii and while I owe the blog a longgggg post, I'm too exhausted to tackle it. So we present you with Jacks first rice cereal feeding! We set up the table for the fancy feast, as first feedings always call for lavish duds! Thanks Sarah for this adorable bib!

Mommy and Daddy were excited, but Jack seemed a little nervous!

He saw something coming and said ok I'll take that sesame!

I'm thinking he quickly retracted that happiness! He was not sure if he liked this fancy feast that we talked so much about....

After we were done he was all smiles, I'm not sure if he was happy because he finally decided it was yummy or if he was happy that was over. Hope its not the latter because sweet Jack you will have this a few more time before we can give you some good stuff!

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Roger and Nicky said...

Aww the first cereal. Precious !!