Saturday, October 17, 2009

UT vs OU 2009

Today is the big game! UT vs OU in boys are ready! This game brings back so many memories from college. I think back to all the silly stuff we did just for THIS GAME and how our dear son will be in college one day rooting for his team and hopefully being a very responsible young man! Mommy's account of TX OU weekend during her college years goes a little something like this. First...go to Target as far away from campus, so that you can score the big cooler... anything closer to campus = no coolers. Then pull out the paint markers and proceed to paint the cooler with your name and your date's name along with slogans like Red River Shoot out, etc. Fill the cooler with booze, candy and snacks. Board the greyhound to Dallas with your cooler that you have given to your date. Drink way to much jungle juice. Sick by Friday night and too tired to get dressed for your dates cocktail reception. Saturday wake up early beer in hand with a FAT FRIED corn dog in the other. Drink more beer, yell really loud, and watch UT whoooop on OU. Watch your drunk date heckle the OU fans and hope no fights break out. Lose your voice by end of game. Sunday breakfast. Get back on the bus that now doesn't seem to be so much fun as Friday. Get back to Austin and sleep until Tuesday. ahhhhhhhhhh while I miss the game I don't miss all that crazy year after year tradition of debauchery. I am very happy with dressing up my boys, watching the game at home and enjoying a nice peaceful Saturday breakfast.
Hook 'em!


Jane said...

Too cute!!! Hook 'em!!!

Roger and Nicky said...

Are those blue eyes I see ????
We had a family pizza party and watched the game in our cozy casa too:) oh how times have changed but I wouldn't have it any other way !!