Sunday, October 4, 2009

Telephone Thai

Friday night we went out to dinner with Christina/George and Katie/Brian to Telephone Thai (that is not the real name of it, but everyone calls it TT). It was the BEST Thai food I have ever had! Delish! The owner of the restaurant is called the Thai Nazi because of his similarity to the Soup Nazi. You better be ready to order when he comes to the table or he gets really annoyed. However he LOVES babies, so with Jackson in tow he was unusually nice to us. Jack got a little fussy but Aunt Christina swooped him up for some loving. His little jeans are still too big for him and that was quite apparent when he started flashing everyone his booty! ha ha ha I fed him his bottle and he zonked out so that we could finish the rest of our dinner.
Great night with great friends!

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Maple said...

We had a blast- Jack is so adorable! We'll have to make it down to TT more often- the food was terrific!