Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aunt Trish and Uncle Majed come to visit!

Are we lucky or what?! Two best friends in the same week!! We could get used to this!
Today Aunt Trishy and Uncle Majed came to see Jackson. Majed flew in yesterday to Houston so that he could get his passport visa for Belize! I know Jack would score you some free drinks if you took us, so can we go?? Pretty please with a cherry on top???
We didn't go anywhere today we all just hung around and talked and talked like we usually do! We surfed the net looking at purses and talking about our favorite Bravo TV. I'm certain that Majed had a fabulous time, who wouldn't when you are with us. We practically need a publicist we are so cool :) ....ok enough! Here are some sweet pictures from their visit with little Mr. Jack.

Maj I think she is a natural! We are ready for some "Amriiiiiika" friends!

This is my favorite picture! Look at Jack just resting his sweet little head on his Aunt Trishy!!

Thanks guys for coming over to hang out for the day!! Happy Birthday Majed - hope you enjoyed your little cake we got for you!

Besos -

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