Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 1 of my 37th week...Jackson's Play Day

So today I went in for an ultrasound to measure Jackson and see how big our baby boy is! Well he is actually measuring 6 lbs 6 oz, which puts him in the 52nd percentile. Soooo we are not too big not too small. But they did say he is still measuring a week I'm not really sure if that means anything, but she said if he does start to gain weight fast she will give me the option to induce in the 39th week. Which at this point is looking good, b/c my severe pelvic pain!

So while Ashley, our friend who is also the sonographer, was checking out his measurements, Jackson was playing!! He would move from side to side trying to get away from Ashley... He was being a toot! I didn't get to really see his face, because he had his arms up, probably saying "no more paparazzi ". We did get a funny shot of him playing with his toes! It was SO cute! She was able to show me his cheeks and he has some fat on them, they are wasnt easy to get a picture of that. So here is the picture of him playing with his feet. He was for sure having a good ol' time. I just can't wait to meet him! I know Kevin is just as excited!!

And kudos to my friend JaneE - she had the most adorable little boy yesterday weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz. Jackson and I are looking forward to meeting Hutch Denton Campbell in Austin soon! And yes she always looks that good! I am loving the matching pjs and pillow, I told her Im going out this weekend to do the same! xoxox love ya JaneE!


Roger and Nicky said...

6lb 6oz what a healthy big boy :)

Almost there momma :)

Jane C. said...

Awww!! Thanks for the kuddos love! Can't wait to see Jack and get these boys together. Being a Mommy is the BEST....even the 3rd time. Love you!! xoxo