Friday, April 30, 2010

Kissy Kissy

Jack will give really big smackeroos if you show him! Then he wont stop! ha ha I didn't have the video camera around, so I just had to take pictures as best I could.
He doesn't stay still to give kisses!

These ones are for Grandpa King - Check him out in your cute little outfit!
He is looking like such a big kid! Kissy Kissy

My favorite! Hallelujah with a kiss!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Nothings...

After a hard days work, we love to play with Jack and sometimes even go out to dinner. But on the nights we go to dinner we have to come right home, give Jack a bath and put him right to sleep. Often times after he is sound asleep you will see something like this laying around.....

....and it really makes us want to go wake him up to give him another hug and kiss. We miss him even when he is sleeping!! That's the beauty of love and being a Mom/Dad. It is the little sweet nothings, like a pair of Jacks shoes that make us smile!

Sleep tight baby boy we will see you in the mornin'


Good Morning Sunshine!

Jack decided to wake up nice and early today, so we took advantage of the time before I had to log on to work and did a few things around the house.....

We played in his new ball house
He crawled through the tunnel

He went outside and practiced transferring between things

He played in the grass and watched Mr. Squirrel. *he loves watching the squirrels*
and he even went for a swing in the front yard!
Busy Busy Busy!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ball House

We have our own ball house... and looks like Chico needs to find a new home?! Jack was having a blast playing with all these balls we got him in Chico's house.

Look at those balls fly!
So many wonderful colors!

He doesnt look sick does he?

Oh and don't worry we cleaned the dog house and ordered him this so that he can have his own ball house soon! He is 10 months and has every toy known to man! We love to watch him play:)


Come have a bottle and relax with us!

Jack has been able to hold his bottle on his own for a while, but he has gotten really good at it this week! Look at his little feet! He is just so cute and I can't get enough of this sweet baby! But with 4 new teeth coming in and a small cold that I think he picked up at Gymboree on Monday he was all about relaxing this early morning.


Happy Anniversary

It is our 3 year Anniversary today. What a great three years it has been! Thanks for being my rock Kev and always knowing how to make me smile! You are my best friend and adding our new bundle this past year just made me love you even more! Cheers to many more ahead!

Kev came home with flowers and my favorite Champagne last night!
Our gift to each other is an updated kitchen! Let the fun begin!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Backyard Shenanigans

During lunch I usually eat a bite at my desk but somedays I take a minute to go snap a few pictures of what Nelvi and Jack are up to. This afternoon they were outside enjoying this beautiful day... Rough housing with the dogs, playing with his toys and trying to eat grass!
Sounds like a great afternoon to me!

ha ha look at him.....Mom I'm playing please stop with the photos! And that I did, back to work. Hope your day is going swell!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


We are in the double digits now! Wow! Jackson is 10 months old and full of energy!
Can you believe in 2 months he will be 1 year old?! We really have such a fun baby on our hands and we tell ourselves every moment we can, take a deep breath and enjoy all of this! He will be 10 months only once and he is growing and changing so fast! The bear hasn't made many photos because baby boy is on the move!
Mr. Bear better learn to catch up or he wont make the photo cut!

Look at him sitting on his stool all by himself!!

First on the knees

Then one leg up and then he is up! Standing like a big boy!

Look at that sweet face!

He loves to look at himself in the mirror!
Turning those wheels!

More wheels to turn!
Here is the long list of things he is doing, the list could go on forever!

  • Walking, walking and more walking (with assist of us holding his hands or him in the walker)
  • Standing up on everything and then transferring
  • 4 new teefers coming in!
  • Seems to notice the baby monitor - does he know we're watching him??
  • Says mama a lot- we are working on Daddy but no luck yet
  • Still can't get the puppies to play with him although he tries REALLY hard
  • Loves his green dragon toy, doesn't use the balls he knows how to make the noise go by flicking his finger on the smart!
  • Is the center of attention at Gymboree - he loves to scoot up the ramps and slide down!
  • Eating all sorts of foods- LOVES applesauce, pasta bites, avocado and edamame beans
  • Learning how to let himself sit down after standing, he falls hard on his butt, but at least there is a diaper there to help cushion!
  • Had surgery and stopped snoring/stridoring (thanks Dr. Duncan and Dr. Pate!)
  • Got his first wheels (Fisherprice car) and loves turning the steering wheel
  • Takes bumping his head pretty well so far, a few tears but back to playing pretty fast
  • Standing in his crib before going to bed/when waking up
  • Has found that he can now go inside the dogs' kennels
  • Finding a lot of stuff really funny and laughs so cute while playing with mommy's hair, playing peakaboo, looking at Daddy make funny faces
  • Laughs really loud when we tickle him under the chin
  • Loves to make wheels spin on anything!
  • Blows bubbles
  • Makes fish face and smacks kisses from it
  • Uses his pointer finger to touch small buttons
  • Fake coughs when you cough
  • Likes to swing in the front yard